How to Make Your Own Cigarettes – Injector Making Machines

Many people think of the old fashioned, hand making (RYO), when the subject of making your own cigarettes comes up, but there have been several advances in the world of make your own cigarettes that makes it easier, cheaper and faster than ever.

One of the best inventions in the make your own cigarettes world is the cigarette injector machine. Also known as the tabletop cigarette making machine, these very reasonably priced machines require only a few easy steps to create a cigarette that rivals any store bought commercial cigarette. This is by far one of the fastest and least expensive ways to make your own cigarettes that taste better than commercial brands and often times last much longer than store brands.

For these instructions, we're going to walk you through using a Top-O-Matic Cigarette making machine. This machine is made with metal parts and base, very sturdy, and should last for years with normal use and proper maintenance.

PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING YOUR MACHINE. There are a couple of sharp parts that could cause injury if used incorrectly. You can also damage or outright break the machine if you do not use it correctly.

Step 1. - Make sure your machine is on a level surface, and the handle is set at the top of the machine (this will move the cutting lever out of the way).

Step 2. Take a handful of tobacco and place it just above the filling chamber. Loosen it up a bit with your fingers a little - no need to tear it all apart, you just want some separation.

Note: Your tobacco should be on the dry side. If it's too moist it can clog the machine and/or result in poorly packed cigarettes.

Step 3. Pull some of the tobacco into the chamber, filling the sides first, then the middle. Lightly press the tobacco down (don't push too hard). Stuffing too much tobacco in the chamber can break the crank on the machine.

Step 4. Grab a pre-made cigarette filter tube and stick it on the small brass tube that sticks out of the side of the machine on the left side. Grab the crank with one hand and the handle with the other. In one fluid motion, pull the crank toward you until it stops. Don't press down on the crank, and you should not need to use much force, if at all.

Give cigarette and tap on a flat surface a few times to pack (filter side down), and you're done!

If you feel a great deal of resistance, do not continue to pull the crank. You have probably put too much tobacco in the machine, and you will need to follow the manufacturer's instructions to clear it out.

That's it! You've just made your own cigarette. It takes just a few minutes to make a pack of cigarettes, and it can be done while watching TV. With a very small investment of money and time, you can start making your own cigarettes at 1/3 or less the cost of store bought cigarettes.

Make your own cigarettes are not safer than pre-rolled store bought cigarettes. The tobacco used may have less chemical additives and/or be natural, there are still health risks associated with all types of smoking.

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